Sunday, August 19, 2012

happy birthday, mom!

What a hectic week! Especially today...

Friday was mom's birthday. Her coworkers brought her a pineapple upside down cake (which she did not share with me, I might add), and her gentleman friend even sent her roses! Sweetie, he is. He even took her to the Chart House for birthday dinner (which she didn't share either! hmph!). She's been so busy that I've had to spend a lot of time home alone the last few days, but she keeps saying that she "couldn't ask for a better dog," so I always stay on my best behavior when she's gone. Don't want her to change her mind and send me back to Lilly!

I did bring home an unexpected birthday gift though. She was really excited to sleep in today, but I know how many chores she needs to get done, and apparently the neighborhood fleas do too. Boy, did she get her butt in gear this morning when she found out! Washing laundry, changing the sheets, vacuuming the floors and couch, buying new combs and brushes for me, all kinds of stuff.  But most importantly: giving me a bath and making me pretty! (She didn't get in the tub with me this time)

Since I never got fleas in Virginia, my old mom rarely put any flea medication on me. We decided to try out the Kirkland brand stuff, which is supposed to be comparable to K9 Advantix. Have any of you used it before? Mom found some dead fleas in the bath, so we think it must have been working to some degree, but clearly not enough. I don't think the fleas would drown right away, would they? We shampooed with Isle of Dog for coarse coats. Also, there must be a major flea problem in Long Beach right now since both Target and Petco were sold out of flea combs.

This whole thing is a pretty new and exhausting experience for both of us. Mom doesn't think I could have had them for long, since we just had a bath last week, and there weren't a lot. She picked off maybe 20 total over the course of 14 hours, some of which were dead. I've been very patient, letting her roll me on my back while she checks my tummy, coming when she asks and all that stuff good girls do. Though I won't lie, I wasn't so happy to get wet.. I looked like a wet rat! At least she didn't take any pictures this time.

And here I thought my crate sleeping days were over. Hopefully they go away soon so I can sleep in the bed again. =[

We did learn a few valuable things... Frontline is far more affordable at Target than at Petco, and grooming tools are super significantly more affordable at Sally's Beauty Supply (but you probably already knew both of these things). We went to Sally's and picked up a human lice comb, detangling comb, massaging brush, and regular brush, all for what one plain brush would cost at the other stores. Woot!

Mom absolutely fawns over me after the bath. She says I look like I'm wearing go-go boots when my legs are all brushed and poofy. I'm her go-go woofer. =]

Side note... when we tried to edit some grammar mistakes in the last update about the bath on mom's phone, there was a problem and somehow lost all the content (derp). I'll try to repost it when I have time.

Here's hoping I wake up flea-free tomorrow. We'd greatly appreciate any advice you have to give on the matter.


  1. We feel your pain in the flea department for sure! My mom found fleas on me this winter and I live in New Hampshire so you can just imagine the shock of finding fleas when it's freezing outside! So we tried just about everything your mom tried and this battle went on for 4 months! My mom even had Terminix come over 2x! What a nightmare! Thanks for the tip about Frontline being cheaper at Target! Will head over there today for preventative maintenance!
    By the way, I'm hosting the Silly Saturday Photo Caption Contest this weekend so please come on by before noon to enter your caption, okay?

  2. About 2 weeks before I joined the family my humans got my brother Floyd. He was only 6 weeks old when they picked him up.
    He was very frighted so she nursed him in the car on the way home. While she was cuddling him she found he had flees, poor little pupper!
    When they got him home they treated him with Advantix and they were all gone in a day!

    We haven't had them back either.

    Hope things work out well for you.

    Waggles, Dougall.

  3. Oh I forgot!! Happy birthday to your mumma!!

  4. Happy birthday to mum. Have a wonderful flea free Sunday to all.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Happy Birthday to your Mom, the roses are fantabulous!

    Now, for my most powerful spell.....................BE GONE, BAD FLEAS!........................

    Your furiend,

  6. Happy Birthday to your mom, Carrleigh! We've never had fleas before so we won't be any help at all but we hope you win the battle soon!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  7. Go Fleas...Go! We all had a problem once until Mom hired a pest control company to spray my backyard. So we don't need the chemicals put directly on us. Guess that wouldn't work very well if you go fur walkies or a visit to da park. I just stays at home all da time! Too many wild animals running around my area to take me fur a walkie! :o(

  8. I havent had any fleas before so I cant help you much in that area. BUt I do hope that you get rid of them once and for all. And...Carrlieigh, you NEED to inform your mom that she NEEDS to be sharing some of that pineapple cake and bring home a doggie bag from the restaurant. Why do you think they call it a doggie bag??? Remind her that you did get lots of food in VA and being the princess that you are, you expect these things will go back to Lily!!
    Happy Birthday Mom!!


  9. Ooo, I'm allergic to those nasty fleas! I get really bad rashes all over my tummy. Ma has to get flea pills from the vettie to give me, because I don't like the drops and usually wipe off all the medication before it can work (I'm such a brat sometimes, I know!). I hope you get rid of those nasty things FAST!! I can't believe your Moms didn't bring home some delish cake for ya!!! I would pout if I were you.



  10. Oh, almost forgot ~ HAPPY BRTHDAY MOMS!!!



  11. Happy birthday to your mum. We can't believe she didn't give you anything...unfair.

    We got fleas once--we rarely get any here--and we went on Comfortis. It's very expensive, but it did the trick.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. Our Mom feels so bad that she doesn't know anything about fleas but we have never had them except when our Angel Java got them one time when we lived in SoCal. He had a bad allergic reaction to flea spit and your Mom knows the rest of the story. We hope you find something to rid you of them!! Lilly loves that your are in California and she has two handsome guys all to herself!!

    Lilly, Piper, Argie and Ivy

    1. If you call us when you are at your computer, we might be able to help you retrieve your post because we can see that it's still there - we just can't see it!!

  13. Happy birthday Mom! My only experience of fleas (VERY itchy) was when I had let my former dog Hamish's Frontline treatment lapse. So I'd say that Frontline works pretty well.
    Oh and our cool Scottish climate probably helps too!
    Cheers, Gail.